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thank u next

One taught me love,
One taught me patience,
And one taught me pain,
I'm going to be honest, I'm a bit obsessed with this song at the moment, feeling myself relating to it in almost an almost cringey, 'This was so written about me', kind of way. But the more that I've listened to it, the more I've been thinking, I really am grateful for the people who have come and gone from my life, even if they have hurt me along the way because they have each contributed to the person that I am today. I'm not just talking about boyfriends, although I suppose they cannot be forgotten, I'm talking about friends who have blitzed through my life, irrevocably changing it, only to be gone without a trace. I'm talking about being grateful for those who entered into my life so slyly that I never even noticed, but have left their damage so dreadful that I am still dealing with the aftershocks today. And still, I find myself grateful for all of the things that they have taught…

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