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Veganuary 2019: Why I Became Vegan

This is without a doubt the first question that I am asked whenever I reveal to my unsuspecting conversationalist that I am indeed vegan, you know, after they have expressed their deep concern for my protein intake of course...
My standard response to this is just, 'Oh you know, animals, health, the usual', but recently, I have been thinking to myself, what exactly was it that made me decide to give up what was previously a major part of not only my diet, but my life? It certainly wasn't because it was so accessible and easy or even trendy, because seven years ago to say that you were vegan was akin to saying that you ate your cornflakes with apple juice on. I was met with confusion, and the occasional look of what can only be described as utter horror - I know, quite unbelievable to think in 2019 with even Gregg's getting on board with veganism! So it is unsurprising that my once enthusiastic and almost evangelical answer has become increasingly short and defensive.

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