Vegan in the City

So I spend what is arguably a ridiculous amount of time hunting for places which are not only vegan friendly, but actually have food which I want to eat. I mean, it’s all well and good boasting that your restaurant is vegan friendly, but when your only vegan options is a bland vegetable curry or a browning avocado salad, I’m obviously not going to be all that impressed.

Now, I’m not saying that there is anything particularly wrong with a salad or a curry (when done well), but when they are added as a half arsed afterthought with some pitiful browning lettuce leaves and a slice of avocado, I have an issue. This frustration is further exacerbated when they decide to charge me exactly the same as meaty meal which consists of a burger, chips, and a side salad (which somehow looks significantly fresher than mine?) Anyway, after my rather superfluous tirade, I think that I need to explain what the purpose of this was. So basically, I want to provide a little guide of my own, for both anyone r…

inecto Naturals Coconut Hair Oil and Hair Mask Review

During the summer, and especially during this unexpected British heatwave, we all know how important it is to wear sun cream to prevent our skin from damage. We apply various creams, moisturisers, masks, and treatments to our faces, so why do we forget to look after our hair beyond putting some shampoo or conditioner on it? This can leave hair feeling so dull and dry during the intense heat, I've even noticed my dark brown hair developing more golden streaks in it!
Now, I am just as guilty as almost everyone else of neglecting their hair. Making excuses like it is too much effort, or that it is too expensive. But since discovering inecto Naturals and their Coconut range, these excuses are no longer valid. The inecto Naturals Coconut range is available for under £5! The Coconut range is aimed at those with drier hair, but if I'm honest, this is great for anyone who wants their hair to look nourished and to shine. Strengthening it from the inside out. Like most inecto Naturals pro…

inecto Naturals Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to make a more conscious effort regarding the toiletries and cosmetics that I purchase, to ensure that they are cruelty free. This however I have found to be surprisingly difficult! With products either being ridiculously expensive or only being available in certain obscure health food stores. This can be incredibly frustrating when you want to do your bit for the animals and the planet, but sometimes you just don't have £12 to spend on a tiny bottle of shampoo! So, this is where inecto Naturals Coconut comes into the equation. If you haven't heard of them before, then I shall provide a brief over view of the company, along with a link to their website in case you want to find out more or see their entire product range! (Click here for the link)
inecto Naturals are a British based company which are proud to create vegan friendly, cruelty free, and paraben free. They areknown for their body-celebrating hair and skincare products that are…

Summer Body Ready?

Summer is well and truly in full swing in the UK, and all I want to wear is light floaty fabrics which keep me covered but still cool. With anything else I would feel restricted and just down right uncomfortable in this sticky heat. I love ditching tight skinny jeans for something a bit different like my new favourite wide leg cropped jeans from Topshop (only £25 on offer right now, thank me later), with a basic cotton t shirt. Effortless, simple, and cool. My motto for summer! 
But Summer can come with a lot of added and unnecessary anxiety from the dreaded concept of the phrase, 'Bikini Body Ready'. I'm going to be honest, I have never felt even remotely ready for such a concept, with each year the goal becoming even more unachievable, the media changing the goal post as to what is 'perfect' or what we should aspire to. Every magazine revealing the secrets to looking perfect and losing fat fast, in what is often a dangerous or impossible diet! Each year we are pres…

The Hero Project: Hand Rehab

For a culture so obsessed with skin care, we so often forget to look after our hands. Our poor hands which are put through the ringer every single day. May it be hammering away at the keys, plunging them in water, or just general day to day wear and tear. But our hands deserve looking after too! So how exactly should we go about this? Well, my friends, you need look no further, as I have found a potential solution to this in the form of, The Hero Project's Diamond Dusted Hand Rehab.
This is hand cream at its finest, made for luxurious pampering and keeping your hands looking as good as you feel. I am a bit obsessed right now with SPF so I absolutely love that this is more than just a standard hand cream, but also protecting them from the sun with SPF 20. Sun damage is a major issue, which can cause premature ageing and even cancer, so it is important to take this seriously. Often our hands are neglected when it comes to sun protection, but they need just as much protection from th…

Keeping it Peachy: A Soap & Glory Review

It's the summer time and the weather is definitely looking fine! But with this heat comes a whole range of skin problems, from oily skin, to chapped lips. So how do you deal with this and still feel confident in yourself? How do you keep your lips feeling great and looking great? Well, I think that I have found the solution in the Soap & Glory Peach Pout, Completely Balmy Lipstick. 

A lipstick that thinks it’s a balm? It must be the creamy, dreamy PEACH POUT™, available in 3 sassy, peach-perfect shades. A lightweight, long-lasting formulation that lasts all day features a rich, juicy peach-infused fragrance. With a shaped bullet edge for easy and precise application, it goes on just like a lipstick leaving you with instantly softer-feeling luscious lips. 

If you know me, you will know that I normally go for a darker red lip, preferring something to be a bit bolder and more daring, but sometimes this just doesn't …