Nak'd Blueberry Muffin Bar

I always get so excited whenever Nak’d have a new flavour release, and do everything within my power to get my paws on it. I heard about the Nak’d Blueberry muffin bar around the Christmas time and have been desperately searching for it since, but to no avail... that was, until today!
Whilst perusing the Tesco Free From section, as I almost religiously do, I spotted the elusive bars. As you can guess, I grabbed a pack and went almost straight to the tills, forgetting everything else which I had intended to buy... but that’s okay, it just means another trip to Tesco (and possibly some more vegan finds!)
When I got home I simply couldn’t wait to try them and quickly snapped a pick of the box and tore my way through the packaging until I was greeted with this pretty little purple bar.

Now, I presume we all know the texture of the standard Nak’d bar, deliciously squishy, and fabulously moreish. This bar, did not disappoint. The smell hit me as soon as I opened the wrapper: fresh blueberry mu…

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Last (Minute) Christmas

Christmas is looming ever closer. Everywhere you go, the jingling of bells is present, and the smell of mulled wine is about. So we all know what this means.

I love receiving presents as much as the next person, and I do actually love giving them, but, I can get a little bit stressed with it all. How much do I spend? How can I stick to a budget without giving rubbish pressies? These are the dilemmas which we are faced with. But alas, I have conquered this problem with the concept of the Christmas Stockings!
Okay, maybe I didn't quite come up with the concept of a Christmas stocking, but it will become clearer as you read on and start to understand my solution to this universal woe.

The Christmas Stockings
The concept is quite simple, low cost, and most importantly big impact! This works particularly great if you have a larger group of friends, because basically, all you need is some socks (preferable of the fluffy variety), enough sweets to rival Willy Wonker, and a littl…

Brighten Your Day: Soap & Glory Radiance Boosting Mask

It's that time of year again, coursework is piling up at an alarming rate, skin isn't looking too great, and the only five a day you're getting is chocolate! So, what is the only logical solution to all of this? A face mask of course! 
But here is the dilemma. Which one do you choose? There are so many on the market at the moment and it can feel a little overwhelming, but do not fear, because this just means that you have to be smart about ingredients and what they can do for you. Because of this, I've decided to go with the Soap & Glory Radiance Boosting Mask . It boasts quite an impressive line up of ingredients, so I shall give you a quick run through of the main players and why they are so good.  Key IngredientsVitamin C - This is essential for maintaining youthful skin and protecting it from premature ageing, which obviously, I am all about (arguably a little obsessed with at the moment ngl...)

White flower brightening complex - This comes from the combination…